A suite of integrated solutions for real estate agents. Includes HomeShow Helper™, RealScheduler™ and MessageMinder™


Areas of deep expertise:

1. Data pipelines with Apache NiFi

2. Highly scalable workflows using Cadence Workflow

3. Natural Language Processing (including bot development with Slack, Symphony and Alexa)

Training/Public Speaking

A former high school teacher, founder Ross Lambert has spoken at numerous conferences and has trained software engineers for nearly 20 years.

Also an accomplished writer, Ross's recent credits include Oh Data, Where Art Thou? and Oh Data, Where Art Thou? : The Sequel

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About Digital Provisioners

Cloud Native Development

Digital Provisioners is a loose confederation of some of the top software engineers in the world. Founder Ross Lambert herds the cats and lends his architectural and production coding expertise, but also delegates work to the some of the finest specialists the software world has to offer.

We are usually booked at least a full quarter ahead, and sometimes more, so if you would like us to work with you on a project, please plan ahead. In short: Reach out now.